Therapy is a collaborative process between me and my client. My client has a story that is very personal and unique. I am fascinated by the strength they portray in allowing me to be a part of that story. My therapeutic process is grounded in evidence-based approaches that take into account their personal journey, their pain, their needs and goals, and everything else in between. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is paramount to make positive changes in treatment. I strive to provide culturally adapted psychotherapy by focusing on social contexts such as their family, friends, community, or workplace. I speak and provide therapy in English, Hindi, Bengali and Trinidadian Creole. 

I will always provide you with a rationale about why we are choosing a particular treatment modality. I will explain the process and if we decide that another modality will be more helpful, we will modify the process to benefit you. Usually, a specific therapeutic approach is based on factors like your current concerns, a diagnosis (if present), your preference, and the current research findings. I adopt an integrative approach to psychological treatment drawing from various evidence-based interventions. I have a special interest in working with individuals from the racialized and queer communities. I also work with individuals who struggle with shame and guilt and have experienced complex trauma.