Questions I often ask myself

Sitting on the sofa, I was biting my nails and wondering what my first blog should be… Being a psychologist, my first thought was writing about “what is therapy… maybe how to cope with the pandemic… or how to be more active…” I could not really feel motivated or excited by any of those topics, perhaps because I read too much about them in the past year. When I was about to put away my laptop, I decided to give it one last try and before I began, I got up to refill my glass of water. Maybe a change in position will lead to a change in thoughts? As I touched the cold running water from the tap, I closed my eyes and remembered a saying, “don’t just do something… stand there.” When I first heard that phrase a few years ago, it really resonated with me because growing up we were frequently told to make ourselves useful by doing something. All this to say that I decided to write my first blog on a collection of 50 random questions that I want myself to answer while I “stand there… and NOT just do something…”  So, I invite you to do that same with me.

  1. When I close my eyes, what image makes my heart smile?
  2. If I could choose five neighbours, who would I pick?
  3. Am I afraid that I will fall out of love one day?
  4. What would I do if I knew no one was judging me?
  5. Do I yell because I hide my tears?
  6. When was the last time I did something awesome just for myself?
  7. Will I be happier if I loved someone from a distance?
  8. Once a month can I do something where I choose curiosity over fear?
  9. When was the last time I remembered my grandmother?
  10. When was the last time I sang loudly?
  11. Do I have any regrets?
  12. What do I think about when I am alone?
  13. What will I tell my 12-year-old self?
  14. How did I feel when I first met my partner?
  15. Do I add value to those around me?
  16. Am I ashamed of anything?
  17. How will I be remembered when I am gone?
  18. Do I yell because I do not want you to see I am scared?
  19. Can I consciously make an effort to use one kind word a day?
  20. What have I learned from those relationships that did not succeed?
  21. If I had a chance, what will I say to those I have hurt?
  22. Do I find my job rewarding?
  23. If I had a choice, would I choose any other profession?
  24. Am I brave enough to talk about my mental health?
  25. What am I most afraid will happen if I talk about my mental health?
  26. Where are my ancestors from?
  27. Is there an identity that I hide from others?
  28. Is there an identity I am proud of?
  29. Do I remember any stories my grandparents used to tell me?
  30. Am I a pleasant person to be around?
  31. Do I take anything for granted?
  32. What are my values on finances, relationships, intimacy?
  33. What will I do if I had no telephone, internet, or TV for a month?
  34. Do I enjoy my own company?
  35. Do I wish for someone to forgive me?
  36. What did I learn about my principles and my world views?
  37. What is my one hope for the future?
  38. Do I believe that I belong to the earth?
  39. Who do I pray to?
  40. What has helped me when I grieved?
  41. Am I really free?
  42. Do I envy someone?
  43. If I could change one thing in this world, what would that be?
  44. Can I think of one thing I want to do before the end of the month?
  45. What am I most grateful for?
  46. Which relationship am I neglecting?
  47. Do I avoid confrontations?
  48. The pigeons in my verandah, what do they talk about with each other?
  49. If I only had one year left to live, how would I like to live?
  50. What would have been my first question this afternoon before I started making this list?